Thrive Physical Therapy presents:

Birth Prep and

How to Push

A Course Aimed to Empower Families to Navigate Birth with Confidence.

This is a 2 hour in person event for anyone who is in their 3rd trimester of pregnancy (>26 weeks). Partners are encouraged to attend.

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What will you learn:

  • Learn about your pelvic floor and it's role in childbirth
  • The stages of labor and what to expect
  • "Pushing" and how to reduce tearing
  • Post-partum care
  • C-Section Recovery 

About Us

Thrive Physical Therapy is a privately owned and operated outpatient clinic with two locations: Lake Charles and Crowley, Louisiana. Thrive opened in 2012 with the sole focus of changing the mold of physical therapy clinic and striving to provide personalized care to their patients.

Our goal is to make everyone we meet happier and healthier.  

Thrive Physical Therapy has 2 Pelvic Floor Therapy Specialist.

Meet them below!

Katherine Stewart, PT, DPT

Katherine began her career in 2010 with the dreams of specializing in Pelvic Floor PT. She worked in a few clinics before co-founding Thrive PT in 2012. Katherine has worked with women for the past 8 years in helping to restore bladder and bowel function and to aid with pelvic and back pain during pregnancy. She has two children and after having both of her children, she has found her love for birth education. "I want to give my patients the education that I wish I would have had while I was pregnant and going through labor."

Alex Feagin, PT, DPT

Alex first became an advocate for pelvic health as a physical therapy student when she recognized the substantial effects of pelvic floor dysfunction through her own experience. She felt led to this area of physical therapy and starting treating in 2020. She loves treating and encouraging women throughout their pregnancy to promote a happy and confident journey, as well as assisting in their recovery postpartum. “I love educating patients about their conditions and guiding them through their healing journey to help them achieve their goals and to improve their overall quality of life!”

"I only pushed for 10 minutes this time and I didn't even tear, no stitches needed. Thank you so much for helping make this an easy delivery. It's such an amazing thing how you help people prepare and recover from such a life and body altering event."

- Carrie K.

"The class was very informative and helpful. I liked that techniques were given to help with pushing and labor. I’m excited to use them and see how much they help for myself. I can tell how much the two of you genuinely care for women and helping them understand what is going on before and after labor."

- N.J.

Thrive Physical Therapy Birth and Labor Prep Class:

Empowering Families to Navigate Birth with Confidence

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